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Praying for the New School Year

Back to school - for some it is a dread, for others it is a delight, for student and teacher alike. Each new school year brings new challenges and new concerns.

What is foremost on the minds of parents, teachers, students and administrators is school safety in light of the the Uvalde, TX shootings that took place in May of this year, two days shy of the last day of the school year. Whether it is day 1 or day 180, we cannot underestimate the importance and power of prayer - praying over our children. When they leave the house, get on the school bus, get out of the car, walk around the corner, they are no longer in our sight. However, taking the time to pray before getting started on their way and asking the Father to put a hedge of protection around them, encamp His angels round about them, order their steps, guide their mind, guide their thinking and bring them back home safely is time well spent in the morning before the rush of preparation activities take over.

Here are a few more areas to pray about:

Pray for:

  • Your children

  • Other people's children

  • Parents

  • Teachers

  • Support Staff

  • Administrators

  • Safety Officers

  • Janitors

  • Cafeteria Workers

  • Bus Drivers

  • Courage/Bravery

  • Mental stability

Pray against:

  • Evil influences

  • Dark forces

  • Perversion

  • Wicked agendas

  • Destruction of facilities

  • Unlawful entry

  • Fear/Intimidation

  • Mental instability

Remember, prayer will always be necessary and essential so take the time to pray. You'll be glad you did.

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