Sometimes its just hard to make a decision, to determine which way to go. If you're like me and have "perfectionist" tendencies, you want to make sure you make the right decision and have a failsafe for every step of the path that you choose. However, being in this position can cause paralysis because you are actually afraid to move, afraid to step out. You get ready to actually make the step or make the decision and then that dreaded "thought" comes into your mind, "What if it doesn't work?" or "What if I get too far down the road and I have to start all over again?" These and other questions will keep you on the hamster wheel to nowhere with frustration levels increasing exponentially. If this is you, there is a word from the Lord for you. It's what He gave to me.

A few days ago, during a quick mental break, I buried my head on my keyboard, despairing of the frustration from the lack of direction and the multitude of questions that were bouncing around in my head. As I slowly lifted my head, I heard these words from 2 Kings 7:3, "...Why sit we here until we die?". Ahhh, yes! The story of the four lepers. You can read about it in 2 Kings 7. There was a famine in Samaria and the Syrian army, the enemy, was camped on the outskirts of the city restricting travel. The lepers were outside of the gate with no food. They had a decision to make - stay where they were and die, go back into the city and die or take a chance and go to the enemy's camp and perhaps find mercy. Wow! It was as if the Lord looked me square in the face and said, "Shannon, if you just sit here, nothing is going to happen because you're not moving; you can't go back to where you were, it's not an option. Take a chance and make a move not knowing the complete picture and by the time you get to where you need to be, I will have already been "there" and worked it out in a way that you will never be able to anticipate." Was that not true of the four lepers?

I meditated on that Word, prayed and then I took a step. The Lord rewarded that step with an opportunity to keep walking and researching, letting me know that I was going in the right direction. I love Him for that! He knows exactly what we need.

Is this where you are today? Are you struggling to make a decision? Grab hold of the Word of the Lord, don't sit there being unfulfilled. Make that move even if it is a small step and you can't see the whole picture. He'll reward you for your obedience in stepping out; in a way that you could never imagine!

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